3 Ways to Empower Yourself and Save $500


Tired of letting self-doubt, old habits and fear keep you isolated and stuck in a rut of negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs?
I can relate!
Sometimes I find myself asking: “What’s wrong with me? Why do I seem to be the only one who struggles?”
I wonder what superpower the people that I admire have that I don’t have.
The truth is, we all struggle, especially when we’re alone with our minds, and we all have unique superpowers to share with the world.
Here are 3 things you can do to get out of the rut of your own mind and empower yourself toward your goals.

1. Stop seeing yourself as a victim and start taking courageous action.

Just this week I had a coaching client ask for help in overcoming social anxiety at a Holiday party.
She texted me saying: ‘I wish someone would come over and talk to me.’
Instead I suggested she find her courage and introduce herself to someone who looked friendly.
I suggested she ask that person questions to get to know them. Most of us enjoy having someone interested in what we’re up to.
She chose courage and ended up having a good time and making new friends.
Don’t wait for good things to happen to you, take action to create what you want for yourself.

2. Tell yourself a different story.

I’ve had clients on and off the water repeat how scared they are.

What we resist persists so I’m all about naming and acknowledging how we truly feel.

AND, it’s also important that we recognize when we’ve told ourselves a story for so long that we’ve become attached to it as part of our identity.

If you say you want things to be different, but you keep repeating the same old story to yourself, then you’re not being authentic.

If you really want change then change your story. Tell one to yourself about how confident and courageous you are.

3. Stop wasting time trying to figure it out by yourself!

One story I use to tell myself was that I should be able to figure things out on my own.
It look me a long time before I realized that most successful people who achieved their goals have a lot of help and support.
And not just any type of support, but committed and consistent support.
It’s ironic that it took me so long to realize this when I’ve been coaching people on the water for 20 years and I’ve seen how quickly my clients progress with coaching.
As soon as I decided to give up my old story that investing in a coach was too expensive or not worth it, I reached goals within months that I wasn’t able to reach in 14 years of running my business.
Having someone who holds you accountable to what you say you want for yourself is priceless.
You don’t need to go it alone. Investing in coaching and guidance will help you reach your goals faster.

In that vein, I’m super excited to share my new coaching programs with you and offer you savings of up to $500 until December 31st!

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