4 Yoga Poses for Paddlers


How is your body feeling?

Paddling season is in full swing, and if you’re like me, your shoulders and hips may be feeling it!

If you want to feel great in your body and continue to up-level your paddling skill and fun ALL season, you want to watch the video below.

Practice these 4 poses to feel strong, reduce the risk of injury and paddle longer. If you love paddling, help your body love paddling too!

Yoga is a big part of any event or immersive instructional retreat that I offer because it works. Time and again my clients and Womens Paddlefest participants tell me how much better they feel because of the daily yoga I offer. Watch the video below to get some of that feel good.

When  your body feels free, your mind will follow and you’ll benefit from greater mental agility all season long.

If you want to up-level your paddling in Class II-III AND integrate yoga for paddling that helps your body feel strong, join my immersive Find Your Flow Class II-III Week of Rivers and Yoga in Asheville, NC in July. CLICK HERE for information and registration.