4 Tips for Working Through Fear


Feeling afraid?

That’s OK. It’s normal to feel fearful in uncertain times like these.

The more important question is are you letting your fear and stress negatively impact your health (physical and mental)?

If you are then you’re also compromising you immunity. And we all want the strongest immune systems right now (and always).

You can stop the overwhelm with these 4 strategies. Watch the video OR/AND scroll down to read them.

Consequences of Fear

Fear reduces our vision to tunnel vision. Tunnel vision keeps us stuck in a rut, unable to see the big picture. We may not even see that there’s an alternate path right or life line right beside us because we are so gripped with fear. If you’ve ever participated in a sport that requires looking ahead: kayaking, SUPing, mtn biking, skiing, snowboarding, trail running etc… you know what I mean. Out on the water and the mountain looking down with tunnel vision can lead to disaster.

Freezing can be another outcome of allowing ourselves to be overwhelmed with fear. When we freeze, we’re unable to think clearly or perform optimally. This affects everything that we do.

Lastly, fear and stress negatively impact our immune system in very real ways. It’s imperative that we all work to maintain a strong immune system, both for ourselves and for our loved ones. Reducing stress and fear is key to maintaining immune health.

Anna’s 4 Strategies for Working with Fear

Accept What Is

What is happening is happening. What has happened has happened. We can’t change what is happening, but we can change how we respond to what’s happening.

I’m not suggesting that we condone what has or is happening. There’s a difference between accepting what is and condoning a harmful situation or behavior.

If you’re resisting what I’m saying, consider that most of our suffering comes from wanting or wishing things would or could be different. Why spend time and energy wishing when you can spend time and energy working to heal, or find a solution or be of service?

When you accept what is you can then direct your energy into productive action instead of stressing about, and resisting what is. The stress and resistance don’t have the power to change anything. Action does.

Separate Fact from Story

There’s what happened and then there’s the story that we tell ourselves about what happened. A lot of our suffering also comes from living out the drama we tell ourselves about what happened. Stick to the facts and you’ll suffer a lot less.

Practice Mindfulness

One definition of mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non‐judgmentally (as if your life depended on it). Paying attention to the present moment on purpose helps us with both accepting what is and separating fact from story.

You can apply the practice of mindfulness to anything in your daily routine including:

  • breathing
  • washing dishes
  • meditating
  • walking
  • admiring your garden/plants
  • being with your pet
  • being with your family
  • eating

Take Action/Be of Service

What comes out of the first three practices is an ability to take action from a place of clarity and being of service. Your actions from this place have the ability to create a new future for you and for someone else. Focusing on how we can be or service and taking action to do so keeps fear at bay and fosters connection.

May you be courageous and well!

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