Think You’re the Only One Who Gets Nervous?


If you think you’re the only one who gets nervous about doing hard things or challenging yourself, this video is for you.

I’ve been paddling whitewater for over 25 years and I still get nervous.

As I tell my paddling and health coaching clients, fear provides opportunity to grow. Courage can only be found through vulnerability.

Fear, vulnerability and courage help you remember that you’re alive, and it’s good to be alive!

Stop reaching for a magic moment when all of your fear will disappear. That’s not real life. Keep showing up, facing your fear and cultivating tools that help you find your courage.

You don’t have to be a whitewater paddler to do this. Through my practice in Ayurveda and as an Ayurvedic Health Coach, one of the most beneficial and challenging ways you can practice doing hard things and becoming more courageous is doing a seasonal cleanse. I’m serious.

There’s actually nothing scarier for folks than giving up their favorite foods, especially comfort foods.

Do you have the courage to give up your favorite foods and eat nourishing, simple veggie meals for 5 days?

The women who have completed my guided group cleanse said it was one of the hardest things they’ve done AND so worth it because of the results they created for themselves through and after the process. Click here to learn more.