Boost Your Skills, Boost Your Life!


DSCF1028What we learn whitewater kayaking has many real-life applications that enhance our daily lives.  That’s one of the reasons we love teaching whitewater kayaking here at Girls at Play!  I’ve always enjoyed the fact that some women sign up for our clinics and trips because they find themselves at a point in their lives where they need a boost toward positive change.  I’ve met two such women recently who came to Girls at Play for beginner level classes.  One woman is coming to kayaking spurred by the recent break up of her thirty year marriage. Newly single she moved to the mountains and is getting back into the sport after a fifteen year hiatus to do something positive for herself.  Another woman expressed to me that she wasn’t sure why she wanted to keep whitewater kayaking because she doesn’t feel particularly athletic or good at it.  She realized that what she really loves about the sport is the challenge. “My last challenge was when I got into grad school over ten years ago.” she says.  “I realize that it’s time for a new challenge in my life and it feels good.”

Clinics, trips and workshops are also an important part of skills building that enhances your experience on the water.  Better skills DSCF1072lead to more confidence and more confidence leads to better skills, and that makes kayaking a lot more fun!  And getting to know other women who enjoy the sport is both fun and inspiring.  As one recent participant expressed:  “It’s been so cool to paddle with women who, even though they have fears, are facing up to their fears, overcoming them and going on to learn and grow as paddlers and people.  I find that incredibly inspiring.”

If you need a positive boost in your life then come join us for one of our clinics this summer!  And don’t forget that we offer morning yoga classes as part of our four day clinics which is a fantastic bonus.  We’ve got beginner and intermediate weekend and four day clinics.  We look forward to seeing you on the water!