Burn Off Your Brain Fog


Are you suffering from brain fog that makes you dull and negatively impacts your work and play?

Wouldn’t you rather be clear, focused, and get your work done efficiently so you have more time for the things that bring you joy?!

Here are 3 things you can do to start thinking clearly again:
Eat a big lunch and give up your afternoon snack

Have you resigned yourself to accepting your late afternoon crash, and snack craving as just how life is?

The truth is that your mid-afternoon snack is the likely culprit of your brain fog.

When you eat a small or light lunch you doom yourself to low energy and snack cravings a few hours later. Instead, if you eat a big, nutritious lunch between noon and 2 p.m. you consume enough energy to sustain your mind and body for the entire afternoon.

Your digestion is like a fire. When it burns efficiently it transforms your food into nutrients and burns off brain fog. Eating a big lunch and giving up snacks in between meals will help power your digestion and clear your mind.

Take a Walk

Do you feel stuck in a cycle of thinking in circles?  It’s almost like trying to find your way in a thick fog with zero visibility.

When you feel stuck in your thinking, get up and move. There’s a reason folks often refer to walking outside as an opportunity to clear your head. It’s been working since the dawn of humanity.

If you’re about to tell me that you don’t have time for a walk, let me ask you this – do you have time to keep sitting at your desk thinking in circles with no answers? What would happen if you got up, went for a 10 minute walk to feel the sunshine on your face, and you came back with more clarity? Would that 10 minutes be worth it? I think so.

You don’t need an hour walk, 10 minutes is enough. Try it and burn off your brain fog.


One of the best tools for clearing your mind is to reset your digestive fire so it burns brightly. Ayurveda suggests cleansing twice per year to reset your fire.

I’m not talking about an empty cleanse designed by weight obsessed Hollywood. The type of cleanse I’m referring to is nourishing to your body and your mind. It’s an act of self-care, not self-deprivation.

This type of cleanse is designed to clear out and reset your digestive tract. You eat a mono-diet of a delicious meal called Kitchari made with mung beans, basmati rice, veggies and digestive spices.

Eating this type of mono-diet, even for 1 day, can be beneficial in eliminating brain fog. I recommend a minimum of 3 days to get the most benefits.

As my coaching client Kayla said after doing this mono-diet cleanse reset with me: “I was indecisive, overwhelmed, had brain fog so thick it would be deadly on a busy highway…I joined the cleanse… That was profound for me!…My mind, decisions, emotions are now all within my control rather than controlling me.”

Stop living in a fog of low energy, frustration and wasted time. Clear your mind and take your time back.

If you’re ready to burn off your brain fog, register for my Guided Spring Cleanse. Click here to get started.