Free Yourself from Limitations with This Question


“There’s no way I can afford that.”

You know that feeling of really wanting something, knowing it would make a huge difference, but cashflow, self-doubt and other restrictions keep you from your dreams?

It’s repressive, depressing and frustrating!

I was feeling all of that when my friend told me how much her business coach costs. I knew I had reached a point where I needed new ideas and guidance.

Stephanie shared such extraordinary results from working with her coach that I knew I had to create this opportunity for myself. BUT how? That was the question.

And thank goodness for that question!!

Statements are final. When you make the statement: “I can’t…” you’re sentencing yourself to that fate.

A fate of continuously feeling repressed, depressed and frustrated. Not much good is going to come from that line of emotion.

On the other hand, it’s tough to convince yourself of “I can…” immediately, especially if the funds aren’t in your bank account, your boss won’t let you take the time off or your bills add up to a certain amount each month.

It’s important to be grounded, AND it’s also important to be open to possibility.

So how do you bridge the two? Ask HOW.

Instead of saying: “I can’t afford it,” try: “How can/could I afford it?” Try it right now. Say to yourself “I can’t afford it.” And then ask yourself (in a positive, curious tone) “How can I afford it?” Notice the feeling between the two. One sentences you to a specific outcome while the other opens you up to possibility in outcome.

Then dig a little deeper with other questions like: “Who would/will support me in achieving this?” “What can I give up to make this happen?” “Who can I ask for help in making this happen?” “What bold requests could I make that would facilitate this?” “What resources do I have at my disposal?” And so on.

When you start asking questions, the answers that unfold may surprise you. And the best part is that you don’t lose anything by asking questions. You actually gain new insights and new possibilities that can lead you to an effective answer.

What I’ve discovered for myself in this process is that answers come when I ask questions.

And my friend’s coach, she’s now my coach. Turns out I can afford her, but I had to ask HOW first.


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