GAP Summer Tour with Idaho River Sports


The Saturday beginner kayaking clinic in Boise with Idaho River Sports was a blast. Three women, all at about the same skill level showed up for the clinic. We started out on the pond just behind the store, practicing sweeps, stern draw, and forward strokes. We all paddled around on our edges and cooled off with hip snaps and rolls. We had a great time trying to go straight and make turns around me, the obstacle in the water. Jo, one of the owners of Idaho River Sports prepared us a wonderful lunch at the store. We enjoyed a spread of strawberries, cheeses, hummus, pasta salad, veggies, cookies and even a little white wine! We all stretched and chatted about boats, rivers and how to get into the sport and meet people to go kayaking with.

We then geared back up and hit the Boise River. Practicing ferries, eddy turns and peal outs, the women did great! We then paddled on down the river to a fun wave train rapid where the women all did awesome! We then tried ferrying on the stronger current and just played around.

Thanks ladies and Idaho River Sport for such an awesome day!! It is so exciting to see women getting psyched about the sport and connecting on the water!! Hope to see you all again on the water!

To paddle with us on the Summer Tour next year, keep an eye out for when we’ll be back in your area!  Also, you might be interested in our Idaho wilderness adventure!  If you can’t wait till next summer to paddle with us, check out our winter getaways to Mexico!