Girls at Play Holiday Gift Guide


We are psyched to bring you the first ever Girls at Play Holiday Gift Guide!  Check out our favorite accessories to use on and off the river. {HINT: forward this to your friends and family so they know what to get you!} Our list starts with gifts from $6.95 so there are plenty of options for those of you looking for fun and affordable options.  We’ve also included Girls at Play gift packages to help you save money.  Share Girls at Play’s spirit of fun, confidence and skills development with your whitewater kayaking and recreational kayaking girlfriends!

GIRLS AT PLAY HOLIDAY SPECIAL** GAP Tee-Shirt + Whitewater Kayaking with Anna Levesque + Cottonmouth Nose Plugs= This package deal includes the oh so awesome DVD, the fancy fun GAP tee shirt and some much needed noseplugs. This package saves you nearly $20, that’s like getting the tee-shirt for free! What? Yes.

1. Lululemon Stride Jacket II, $108: This jacket is awesome! The jacket is long and so are the sleeves so will keep you stylin’ and warm right when you get off the water or in a yoga class. I also love the colors. You will see Anna wearing the purple one in the new “Yoga for Kayaking with Anna Levesque and Joe Taft”. Joe loved it too, he tried to convince us all that it looked good on men too.

2. Lululemon Groove Crop II, $86: These high quality yoga pants are breathable and flexible. With a super cute waistband to match any of your tops. Anna sports these as well in the DVD.

3. Cottonmouth Nose Plugs, $9: My favorite nose plugs! Made right here in Asheville! Comfy, bendy, grippy. Keep the water out!

4. Girls at Play Tee-Shirt, $24.95: We still have a few of these popular tee-shirts (designed by yours truly, Mary Frances!) They come in a brown scoop neck or an organic purple tee. These shirts remind you of the spirit of the water when you’re not kayaking.

5. Immersion Research J-Lo Spray Skirt, $100: This spray skirt is designed specifically for women! It has a shorter tapered tunnel (to fit a women’s torso), and super stretch hip panels (to make it easier to slip on). It also stretchy and fits most boats.  Perfect for your whitewater kayaking Diva!

6. Smith Neoprene Retainers, $6.95: For all you ladies who like to wear your shades on the water, you definitely need some of these. They are great for kayaking and super comfy!

7. Essential Journeys Soap by the Slice, $8.00: Made just down the street from the Girls at Play office here in Asheville, this soap cleans, softens, smells and looks divine in your bathroom. They also sell “Lube for Lips”, dog soap, lotion, soy candles, and bath salts. For online orders just use promocode FREESHIP2010 and have your stuff shipped free

8. Whitewater Kayaking with Anna Levesque, $29.95: This DVD covers technique from beginner to Class IV! It’s a great tool for the winter months if you aren’t super psyched about cold weather paddling. While watching it, you can memorize the tips and tricks to take with you on the water. So come springtime, you’ll be ready to go! This is also a great gift for anyone heading to Mexico with us in January or February.

9. Recreational Kayaking for Women, $25.95: This DVD is a great starting point for anyone looking for a fun outdoor activity that will help you stay active and enjoy time with family and friends. Maybe you are a whitewater paddler who wants to inspire some friends or family to get on the water, this is an excellent start!

10. American Whitewater Year Membership, $35: Everyone who loves the water should be a member of the non-profit, American Whitewater. AW’s mission is “to conserve and restore America’s whitewater resources and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely.” So, if you love the water, join and help them to help us! They also offer Gift Memberships!

11. Girls at Play Gift Certificate, $25, $50, $100: If you can’t decide what to give your paddling girlfriends, give this is an excellent option. It is valid for anything Girls at Play; gear, instruction, tee-shirts, DVDs!

12. Teavana MateVana® Tea, $5.80 : Stay warm and cozy with a cup of Anna’s favorite yerba matte blend! It has chocolate in it, what more can you ask for!!

GIRLS AT PLAY HOLIDAY SPECIAL** GAP Helmet+ Whitewater Kayaking with Anna Levesque + Cottonmouth Nose Plugs= Delicious deal number two! The head turning helmet, divine DVD and noseplugs, saving you about $30. I know! What an awesome deal!!

1. Kokatat Rogue Dry Top, $410: This dry top is all we ever wear! It is comfortable, non-restrictive and keeps us dry, the best one out there! It  lasts for a long time too, so is well worth the expense. We love the berry color!

2. Kokatat Helix Dry Top, about $200: If you are looking for a dry top that is easier on the purse strings this is an excellent option. Keeps you dry with Tropos Technology!

3. Private Instruction with Anna Levesque, $300: Spend a day with Girls at Play founder, Anna Levesque, for a day of custom kayak and yoga instruction. Fine tune your paddling skills and boost your confidence on the water. And if your interested in yoga, she can show you the perfect poses for your body and lifestyle. Awesome gift for any level of paddler! And this is open to men and groups as well. Price decreases with more folks.

4. Girls at Play Limited Edition Kokatat Ronin PFD, $175: This PFD allows for lots of movement and flexibility on the water. It wraps around to fit a woman’s body nicely. The beautiful  embroidery keeps you looking unique and feminine on the river.

5. Adventure Technology Eddy Paddle, $335: AT Paddles rock! The bent shaft keeps our wrists in alignment and we love the way  the blades powerfully catch the water without putting too much strain on our shoulders.  And it’s reasonably priced too 🙂

6. Girls at Play Shred Ready Vixen Helmet, $159.95: This limited edition helmet, is designed especially for Girls at Play. Equipped with the “hand of God” system, it outfits perfectly to your head, with cranks to tighten on the back just like a bike helmet. Protects your head and looks great, our fave! Perfect gift!

This group of gifts we call the “Holy Grail” because these are the gifts that will transform your paddling and your life!  They may seem expensive, but their true value is priceless.

1. Paddle Mexico with Girls at Play, $1550: Whether you are a novice or intermediate, this trip is amazing. Adventure, culture, whitewater and yoga. The food is out of this world and the company is super!   It’s about more than paddling. It is a getaway that helps you out in all aspects of your life. You return refreshed and invigorated, so you can be a better mom, friend, paddler, worker- you fill in the blank 🙂  Happy happy happy!

2. Kokatat Gore Tex Meridian Dry Suit, $1,045: This dry suit keeps you warm and dry, and it’s easy to get on and off. It will seriously transform your cold weather paddling from unpleasant to AWESOME!  And you can choose between a front or back relief zipper.

3. Adventure Technology Superlight Paddle, $460: This paddle is our favorite because it’s so light and so smooth.  It’s easy on the shoulders and very powerful. The bent shaft keeps our wrists in alignment and the foam core blades allow us to feel effortless even when we’re paddling hard.   Love it!

4. Main Salmon Kayaking/Rafting/Yoga Retreat, $1700: This 6-day adventure is packed with breathtaking views, big-water kayaking, rejuvenating yoga, relaxation, fun and a lot more…! If you’re a whitewater kayaker, and you have non-paddling friends who would like to join you, they can ride in the raft and still have a blast. This could be an awesome mother/daughter adventure too!

5. Dagger Axiom Boat, $999.00:  The Axiom is our favorite kayak because it’s fast, carves beautiful/fun eddy turns, makes front surfing a piece of cake and boofs effortlessly.  You can do it all in this river running/play kayak!  It is a truly versatile boat that comes in four sizes so you’ll get the right fit. It’s a fantastic gift for the kayaker in your life who loves to play their way down the river!