How to uplevel your boof


Creek Week is 2 months away (there’s one spot left – FYI :), and I’m excited to work with the  participants to uplevel their boofing skills. 

Not only is boofing fun, but it’s also a key technique that allows you to work with rocks instead of being afraid of them. Cultivating a working relationship with rocks goes a long way toward becoming a confident paddler.

In this video, originally filmed for my Whitewater Master Class online group coaching, I go over techniques for the boof that can take your river running skill, your confidence and your fun up a notch.

Watch the video to uplevel your boof!


If you’re ready to work on dialing in your boof timing and stroke, and you want to belong to an amazing group of supportive women on the water, register for Creek Week coming up April 6th – 13th. You’ll get nightly video review – a gamechanger for your skill and your confidence. CLICK HERE to register!