How to Get What You Want


Is there something you really want for yourself but you’re not sure where to start?

Stop staying stuck in the same cycles hoping for something to change.
It’s time to take your first step.
Here’s the answer: Clear space

If your life is filled with habits, things, commitments, relationships and work that you don’t want, then where is the space to add something new?

The participants in my guided spring cleanse last week realized that their habit of  snacking between meals was really just filling up their digestive systems and making them sluggish, full of brain fog and heavy. When they cleared space and stopped snacking they felt light and clear. And they discovered that they weren’t actually hungry between meals. Snacking was just a way to pacify emotions, resist resting or just eating because it was there.

One participant realized that her habit of listening to podcasts on her daily walks allowed no space for her own reflection. In her words: “I realized that the podcasts were filling my thoughts for me, and it’s been interesting to see what comes up from within me. The walk was crisper, I noticed more about the textures, smells, sounds around me. More focused. More present.”

If you want to plant a garden, you clear the soil and dig a hole for the seed. If the soil is filled with weeds, the good stuff won’t grow. Spring cleaning is all about clearing out the old to welcome the new. If your closet is too full then how do you fit new clothes?

You can’t have new discoveries, new relationships, build new habits or accomplish new goals unless you’re willing to clear space first.

Once the cleanse participants started following the plan and times they realized that they didn’t need the snacks. And, even better, their brain fog, sluggishness and heaviness disappeared.

It takes courage to say no to what you don’t want to make space for what you do want. It’s not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Here are 3 ways to clear space and get what you want
1.Be Honest with Yourself

You have to know what you want before you can start to clear space for it. Be honest and authentic with yourself about what’s important to you. What DO you really want? Take out your journal and write about it, or take some time to truly reflect on it.

2.Get comfortable with discomfort

My cleanse participants didn’t think the cleanse was easy. It was hard! They cleared space in their lives and invested in the experience because they wanted a reset. They didn’t know for sure that it was going to pay off, but they were clear that they wanted to try.

The result was a big payoff in gaining greater clarity, lightness and joy. Not only that, but because they were willing to get uncomfortable, they’re now on a new path that aligns with what’s important to them.

Getting comfortable with discomfort is key in clearing space and getting what you want.

3.Start saying no

The more you say no to the people, things and commitments that you really don’t want in your life, the more you can say yes to what you do want. Stop saying yes because you think it’s your duty, or you feel like you can’t say no, or you think it’s expected of you. To get what you want you have to say no so you can say yes.

Having support and structure to help you clear space is key to your success. If you’re ready to make space in your life for what you want I invite you to join my Spring/Summer Wellness Circle starting next Monday.

Spring season IS THE season for clearing out the old to welcome the new. When you do that effectively, you cultivate greater energy and vitality to transition into the fullness of summer. Without a smooth transition, summer season can wear you down and burn you out. Instead, join the group and get what you want this spring and summer! Click Here for info and to register.