How to silence your negative self-talk


Do you ever feel like you don’t matter and that you’re doing everything wrong?

When I spend too much time with myself I start to go down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and defeating self-talk.

The longer I stay stuck in my own head without any other input besides my own thoughts and judgements, the more negative my self-talk gets.

Pro tip

If you can relate, I have a tip for you: Get out of the negative conversation with yourself and get into a conversation with someone you trust and who has powerful listening of you. Meaning, they’re not trying to fix you (because there’s nothing to fix).

Every week my friend Cindy and I have a committed call to ensure that we get out of our heads and into a powerful and affirming conversation with each other. We challenge each other while also having each other’s backs.

Cultivating relationships and community that help you get out of your own head is one of the best ways to stop your negative self-talk from getting the upper hand. And, just like any habit, consistency over time is the winning formula.

At the end of my Playboat Week on the Ottawa last week I asked everyone to share their favorite part of the experience. Every single one of them said the supportive community and relationships that were cultivated throughout the 6 days.

I agree! One of the reasons I’ve chosen to do what I do is because I love being part of an empowered and supportive community. Holding space for that, and bringing people together is my jam!

The joy you get from paddling is as much about the people you paddle with as it is about the river and the moves you’re making.

If you want a strategy for silencing your negative self-talk, I encourage you to surround yourself with supportive folks in an empowered community. You may start with just one other person, like my conversations with Cindy, and go from there.

I’ll even go a step further and invite you to join the Mind Body Paddle Community. With over 135 members, it’s a place where you can engage in meaningful conversation, contribute and be contributed to. There’s weekly content on everything mind, body and paddle, as well as community socials (new this year), and exclusive community webinars with some of the most interesting and best paddlers in the industry.

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