How To Use Affirmations To Transform Your Kayaking by Sharon Mitchell


“What your mind can conceive you can achieve”

Our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs shape our lives today and for all of our tomorrows.   I recall a native elder telling me some years ago: “Be careful what you pray for because you will receive it.” As I traveled along my spiritual path, I began to understand that this elder was saying that the power of our thinking, our words, and our beliefs demonstrates itself in our external world.  This is why I am a big advocate of the use of affirmations, as well as affirmative prayer to help us create what we want in our lives.

Through a regular practice of using affirmations our lives can greatly change for the better.  We so often unconsciously measure out what we shall receive in terms of the limitations of our previous experiences.  Through the practice of replacing the old, small mind, repetitive, self-limiting and fear-based thoughts with affirmations, we can cultivate a sweet and joyful life for ourselves. By repeating the affirmations every day we see, little by little how we open ourselves up to infinite possibilities. To think in new ways is to allow Grace into our lives, to extend our personal horizons, and to let ourselves out of our self-imposed box.

As you work with affirmations, it is important that you are able to feel the believability of each affirmation you are working with; that even though it may not be true for you now, that it feels right for you.  Otherwise, I suggest you scale it down to where you can feel it in your body that it can be true for you.  Practice, practice, practice, first thing in the mornings, last thought before you fall asleep at night, and in moments of self-reflection.  Writing them down between 10 and 20 times is also very powerful.  Choose an affirmation that you want to work with and make it your mantra.  With this practice of affirming the truth in your life, I promise you will see that you are nurturing a happier, sweeter life for yourself and your loved ones.

In addition to using affirmations it’s important to express gratitude for the goodness that shows up in your life.  Whether it’s for working through the fear of a particular river or a successful run of a rapid or for your paddling friends that make kayaking so much fun!  I have found that by standing in my gratitude on a daily basis and expressing that which I am grateful for each and every day, I nurture more of the good that is yet to come.

Below, I am sharing with you some of my favorite affirmations to work with as you prepare yourself to go out on the river.  You can use these exactly, change them to suit what feels good to you or make up your own.  The idea is to find positive statements that allow you to shift fear, worry or doubt into something positive and empowering.

Daily Affirmations:

I feel relaxed, confident and focused.

I choose in this moment to release ANY sense of burden, struggle, or fear.

I anticipate today with enthusiastic expectation.

I let go of all doubt, distrust, worry, and fear.

Everything I do is done with ease and good timing.

The river of life’s good never stops flowing.

I give freely and fearlessly into life and life gives back to me with fabulous increase

I am grateful for the river, grateful for my paddling friends and grateful for my skills

Sharon Mitchell is a healer and beginner kayaker who co-facilitates the Whitewater Goddess and Outdoor Goddess Retreats.  In these retreats you’ll work with her to open up to the infinite possibilities on the river and in your life!  Click here to learn more about the Goddess Retreats.