Are Your Words Making Or Breaking You?


“That’s not true for me anymore.”

A powerful phrase that has changed my life.

Because the truth is, you create your life through the words you speak, both to yourself and to others.

When you say things like: “I’m not good enough” or “I get too nervous” or “I always mess up,” you’re not only describing your past, but also creating your future.

If you want something in your life to change, start by changing your language.

Here are three ways to use language to create the life and the confidence you want:

Use the phrase ‘in the past.’

The next time you find yourself making blanket statements about your behavior like the phrases above, start adding ‘in the past, and now.’

For instance, instead of ‘I always mess up,’ try: ‘In the past I messed up in these situations, and now I’m taking time to breathe and find my courage.’

Or, “In the past I would get nervous, but now I sit tall and tap into my confidence.”

It takes practice and you may feel like you’re ‘faking it ’til you make it.’ That’s OK. The key is to speak to yourself and others about yourself in an empowering way.

That’s Not True For Me

If you’re mind is off on a downward spiral about how terrible you are, or how nothing is going right, one thing that has helped me tremendously in my life is to say to myself: “That’s not true for me anymore.”

As soon as you notice your negative thought, say this phrase to yourself quietly or out loud. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do to create change.

Get Out of the Stands and On To the Court

People in the stands at a sporting event spend their time talking, judging and critiquing the players and coaches. The players and coaches on the other hand, are playing the game.

Remember that it’s a lot easier to criticize a thing than it is to create or take action toward a thing.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time talking about others, and especially if the talk is criticizing and judging, just stop.

If you really want to create confidence and a life that is meaningful, stop talking about others and start putting that energy toward creating what you want.

I’ve used all three of these strategies for several years now and they really work. Start taking action now by observing how you talk to yourself and to others. Use empowering language and choose empowering action!

A big shout out to Laurie, an amazing woman who, through my 90-day Courage and Confidence Coaching for Whitewater Kayakers, was willing to dive into this and remind me just how powerful these strategies are!

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