Is Your All or Nothing Attitude Affecting Your Health?


Is your all or nothing attitude negatively affecting your health?

Do you believe that if you don’t have an hour to do a workout it’s not worth even trying?

Does the excuse of not having ‘the right’ clothes or venue to do a yoga practice or workout keep you phone scrolling instead of taking care of your body?

Some of my Ayurveda clients tell me that they feel like failures for not making all of the changes they wanted to even though they’re very successful with 1 or 2.

But guess what.

Successfully incorporating 1 or 2 healthy habits and experiencing positive results sets you up for adding more over time.

Small changes over time are what lead to health and wellness including sustainable weight changes and energy levels.

The next time you start making excuses for why it’s too hard to keep up healthy habits try these 3 things:

1. Do yoga in your pajamas!

Consider that doing a 15 minute yoga practice 4 X per week in your pajamas will produce better results than going to an hour and a half class in your best Lululemon 1X week.

Having to have the right clothes can end up being an excuse that delays your practice or keeps you from getting on your mat at all.

If you’re camping try picnic table yoga! Don’t let the lack of a ‘perfect’ venue stop you.

If you’re not sure what to start with, simply lay on your mat, hug your knees into your chest and start moving.

Follow what your body wants to do and you’ll surprise yourself!

2. Get outside and move even if you only have 30 minutes!

Science has shown that we only need to exercise 22 minutes per day to reap health benefits.

Incorporate walking into your daily routine, especially after a big meal. Walking for 20 – 30 minutes is way better than sitting on the couch telling yourself that you don’t have enough time to go to the gym.

Don’t underestimate the power of walking and doing shorter workouts outside vs going to the gym.

Or get on your bike for 45 min if that’s all the time you’ve got!

Also, don’t let a little rain or inclement weather stop you. Walking in the rain can be really fun and refreshing, especially if you have a good umbrella 🙂

3. Stretch (especially the front of your hips and your chest) several times per day wherever you are.

This is one of the best things you can do for your health and for injury prevention.

Especially if you sit a lot be it in a kayak, on a bike, at a desk or in a car.

Stretch the front of your hips with lunges, the front of your chest with chest openers, and strengthen your glutes with squats or bridges.

This combo of stretching and strengthening will help you maintain freedom of movement and help you pursue the activities that you love for years to come.

Let go of your all or nothing attitude and start living your life fully one small healthy habit at a time!

I’d love to hear about your small, sustainable healthy habits! Tell me about them in the comments.

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