It’s Time to Be Responsible for Your Greatness


It’s time to take as much responsibility for your greatness as you do for your mistakes.

Part of being an effective leader is your ability to own your mistakes and clean them up. 

This is important for growth, accountability and trust. AND…

It’s also important to take responsibility for your talents and awesomeness because that’s how you contribute to others – your family, colleagues and community.

You can’t make a difference unless you know you have something meaningful to share with others. 

It can feel scary to declare that you’re a contribution to the world, because your brain then asks: “But what if your contribution isn’t that good? What if it doesn’t matter and I fail?”

Fear of failure keeps you playing small, and that means less opportunity to make an impact.

Courageously sharing your awesomeness is all about playing big and making a difference.

Take a moment to think about a time that you really made a difference for someone. I bet that it took you having confidence in the fact that you had something to contribute to them. 

If you want to make a difference for yourself and others, it’s time to take responsibility for both your mistakes AND your greatness.  

What greatness are you willing to take responsibility for today?

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