Ladies Southeast Paddling Series – Lower Green


1085This past Saturday, 9 women gathered at Fishtop to paddle the Lower Green and celebrate Shannon by sharing time on the water. Our four year old friend Mei helped us with the warm-up in a newly debuted game of “Mei-tag”, you gotta catch Mei because she’s always it! She made sure to help us carry our boats down and she also had her PFD of the river in a duckie with her Mama Wendy! Way to go Mei!

It was a special group! Camaraderie was high and we paddled, party surfed, stern squirted, and even found a few good swimming spots to enjoy on our leisurely descent of the Greenway. It’s an awesome thing going down the water as a group of women, taking over eddies and surf spots and guys going by saying: “That looks like fun! Can we come join you?!”


Shuttling back up to Fishtop, we set up our raffle and raised an awesome $250 in Shannon’s name! Thank you to all of the amazing ladies present who donated generously and continue to throughout these events! We’ve come nearly 2/3 of the way toward our final goal of 10K and with a donor matching funds at the Ocoee next week, we hope that we can get even closer to our target! Reaching 10K will allow the fund to gain longevity via the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. In order for the fund to be fully formed, it must reach this mark so that it can be interested and dividends can be donated continuously into the future! Please know that when you donate, you are helping to secure support for women’s empowerment organizations into the future! We greatly appreciate you coming out to share your time, energy and community to help make this happen in memory of Shannon.

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This wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors for supplying us with the awesome give aways for each event and for the final raffle’s BIG prizes! Thank you Dagger, Kokatat, Werner, Endless River Adventures, Girls at Play, Jennifer Whitlock and Becca Day for donating your awesomeness! Winners will be drawn and prizes claimed at the last event of the series on October 1st with a finale celebration at Endless River Adventures.


The 2016 Girls at Play “You are Beautiful” T-shirts are the hot fashion item of the summer! Soft, light with cute capped sleeves, our ladies have been showing them off! These are available sizes S-XL at all of the Ladies Southeast Paddling series events and also online off our webstore. $5 from each t-shirt sale goes directly to the Shannon Christy Memorial Fund!

If you’d like to make a tax deductible contribution to the Shannon Christy Memorial Fund through mail or online, please send checks made out to the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina with ‘Shannon Christy Memorial Fund’ written in the memo to:
4 Vanderbilt Park Drive, Suite 300
Asheville, NC 28803

You can also Donate online – Please indicate Shannon Christy Memorial Fund Under “OR Is your gift for a fund not listed above?”

There are just 2 more events in the series and then Our BIG Raffle at the end!!

Please come join us for the next one Sunday August 7th on the Ocoee!

Friday September 16th we’ll be on the Lower Gauley!

Saturday Oct 1st will be the BIG Raffle at Endless River Adventures!!

For a listing of all events, please visit our main website for the Ladies Southeast Paddling Series!

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