Meet Anna, the GAP Summer Intern!


Hey so I’m the new intern for Girls at Play. I just graduated from the University of Cincinnati with my degree in French and International Business, and I’m passionate about marketing and discovering ways to market to cultures other than my own.

I have always had a love for water. I discovered my obsession for water sports in 2006 with the University of Cincinnati Women’s Rowing Team. I rowed for four years and then had the opportunity to share what I loved with other women as the UC Novice women’s rowing coach.

Somewhere in between then and now I purchased my first kayak, a rec boat, and started making weekly runs with a local paddling group where I discovered whitewater kayaking. Envious of all of the paddlers in their whitewater boats, I was anxious to purchase one of my own. Unfortunately my limited budget as a college student held me back. It wasn’t until two winters ago that I finally got my hands on my play boat. I spent the winter in the pool in anticipation of the following spring to finally take it out on the river. Between class and work my chances of getting in my boat were scarce. Then the following summer I went abroad, missing the chance to paddle.

While abroad I met up with another Cincinnati paddler who was competing at the World Freestyle Championship in Germany. Between watching the competition and thriving on the atmosphere of the event I realized that I need to be involved in the sport. So, I guess that’s where Girls at Play comes in. I heard about Girls at Play through a friend and became a follower. A little soul searching brought me to this internship.  Kayaking, working with enthusiastic ladies, marketing, and NO cubical! What more could a recent grad ask for?

Two days after graduating I packed up the car and here I am in Asheville. I am so excited to get the opportunity to work for Girls at Play. I hope to help them expand with my background in business by reaching out to other passionate women like myself.

Why did you love coaching rowing?
The best part about coaching is watching things finally click with an athlete, be it an aspect of the stroke that they’ve been working on or finally feeling confidence behind their stroke, seeing the change that I helped make is really fulfilling.  Watching the evolution of a novice rower is fascinating because they start off knowing almost nothing about the sport and I got to embrace that and teach them all I know to turn them into rowers.  It’s pretty cool.

What is your favorite song to get you pumped up?
I feel like this changes every day but, “Don’t stop me now” by Queen is a classic, I can’t help but move whenever I hear it.

What are you most excited for this summer during this internship?
I’m a big nerd and I love using what I’ve learned in the classroom in a real world setting, so I’m super excited to put my business knowledge to the test. I’m also looking forward to getting on the water more.

What is your favorite food?
I love almost all food especially Asian cuisine, but my favorite thing to eat would have to be grilled artichokes with garlic and lemon.