Mexico: Questions answered by those who know best.


The bridge over the Antigua River flowing through town.

What if I have never been out of the country before?
If you have never been out of the country before, no worries. Mexico is one of the most affordable international trips you can take. I felt very safe during my time in Mexico. The friendly Espirit staff was warm and welcoming upon my arrival in Veracruz, and from then on they took care of everything. The rivers in Mexico are magnificent and the scenery is breathtaking. The food is delicious, wholesome and nutritious and carefully prepared. I participated in the GAP trip 2006-2008 and I have memories to last a lifetime.  –  Kathy Ward, Mexico 2006-2008, New Braunfels, TX

Do I need a passport? Sure do.

Kathy has been to Mexico three years in a row!

What if I swim… a lot?
If you love to Kayak as much as I do, you probably know that some swimming is involved in the learning process. It is O.K. There is a GAP trip carefully planned for your level of paddling skills. If you do swim there is plenty of support staff there by your side to assist you as needed, and the water is warm. It is the best environment to be in if you are looking to take the next step. I live in Texas where there is very little whitewater to practice in. My skills improved tremendously after my 3 trips to Mexcio (2006-2008). So get out there and have a blast!  –  Kathy Ward, Mexico 2006-2008, New Braunfels, TX

Do we bring our boats? Nope, we have a supply of Wave Sport Diesels, Jacksons, and Dagger Mambas. The staff helps you get outfitted properly and comfortably the first day.

Cindy taking strong strokes as she boogies down the Antigua.

Will I be able to keep up with the group? What if I am not as advanced?
I was nervous about being able to keep up, were my skills good enough, was I getting in over my head…  the funny thing is that all disappeared when we got on the river. The instruction was personal, it was like Anna and Mel knew exactly where I was at and what I needed to improve and be successful. Everyone has there thing, right? the thing that is hard or challenging, it seemed we all embraced those things for each other and celebrated the victories…it is awesome to have a whole group of people cheering you on when your pushing yourself and there to drink a beer with you whatever the outcome. One word to describe it, seamless…as if the instruction and rivers conspired to meet everyone at their level.  –  Cindy Frost, Mexico 2010, Austin, TX

You will absolutely be able to keep up with the group. One of the most  memorable things is how all the women pull together and support each other.  When you feel like you need to cry on the river, you have people there with a shoulder. When you do something correctly for the first time you have so many women celebrating and cheering with you.–  Leila King, Mexico 2008, 2009, Houston, TX

What do we do at night?
After getting off the river we would have a chance to clean up and then go to ‘happy hour’ before dinner.  Happy hour was a different special drink(margarita, mojito, pina colada) every evening or for me a good cold beer for just ten pesos(about a dollar).  Then we would be served these amazing meals…that is one thing that totally caught me off guard how good the food was and how enjoyable dining together, learning of each others lives and recapping adventures of the day with  slide show. The Temazcal, sweat lodge, one evening was a highlight for me.  Another night, salsa dancing,  I stink at dancing and still had fun and when there wasn’t a planned activity  I found myself wandering and exploring Jalcomulco taking in the hospitality of the community. –  Cindy Frost, Mexico 2010, Austin, TX

Can I afford it?
I can honestly say I had to take a deep breath before I committed to spending the money on myself for the trip.  Somewhere, on a deeper level,  I knew it was what I needed to do for myself and when I made the commitment everything aligned.  And now looking back on it all, I kinda giggle because there is not a price tag I could put on the experience and fun I had on the trip…absolutely no price for all that I received kayaking and beyond.
On the practical side, everything is taken care of for you when you get there, lodging, food and transport.  The pocket money I did spend was little and by my choosing for fun things to take home, Mexico is a very inexpensive.  –  Cindy Frost, Mexico 2010, Austin, TX

Leila has made lifelong friends on her Mexico trips.

What if I go by myself? Will I fit in and make friends?
Most definitely. You’ve already got something in common with the rest of the group, that’s the fire inside for kayaking. While I already had an acquaintance on my trip, there were many women in our group of twelve that didn’t know anyone. We all eat meals together and bond on the river so its easy to get to know the other women. My group was made up of all ages, from 25 to 55 from all over the map and we all got along great. We continue to keep in touch and get together whenever possible. Besides the women on the course, the instructors become your instant friends as well. Anna, Mil and the Esprit staff all instantly and warmly welcome you into their little family.  –  Mary Frances Hansford, Mexico 2010, Asheville, NC

What do we eat while we are there… and ss it any good?
We have the most fabulous FRESH and AUTHENTICE food.  The fruit is fresh picked and you get to try things you have never had before. It really gives you a new perspective on the “mexican” food we get in the states.  My FAVORITE was the chicken barbacoa. Out of this world!!!–  Leila King, Mexico 2008, 2009, Houston, TX

What if I want to take a day off?
You can certainly take a day off to rest or shop in the little town.  Once you see how beautiful the places are that we kayak, you will probably not want to ’cause you don’t want to miss any minute of it! –  Leila King, Mexico 2008, 2009, Houston, TX