My favorite wave, yoga props and shoulder health


“I thought your shoulder was sore and you weren’t going to surf Garb?” This was the message I got from a client when she saw that I had surfed Garb after my blog post from last week. Side note: I love that y’all reach out like that!

I told her that my shoulder was sore, and that I started rolling on my therapy balls, stretching and doing PT twice per day to be able to surf Garb and protect my shoulder. I worked for it!

If you’re experiencing discomfort and tweaks from paddling, don’t keep pushing your body mindlessly, hoping that it the pain will resolve itself. That kind of attitude is what can lead to serious injury.

Paying attention to what your body is telling you is a huge part of paddling longevity. Sometimes it means taking a break and giving your body a rest, other times it means getting yourself to PT and actually doing the exercises. Other tactics I use to keep my body supple and strong for paddling are massage, yoga with yoga props, therapy balls and strength training exercises.

In today’s video I share with you the yoga props that I used to help me keep my shoulder strong to surf my favorite wave – Garb on the Ottawa. I added surfing footage for you at the end so you can see why I needed those yoga props! I hope you enjoy Andrew and Clay’s commentary, and the puppy too 🙂

If you want more info on yoga for paddling and how to use these props be sure to register for my upcoming Yoga for Paddling Webinar on August 25th. Here’s the link to register – it’s free!