Perfecting the Jet Ferry


The jet ferry is an important whitewater kayak maneuver that gets you across current faster and more efficiently. It’s performed by using a wave to move you across the current so you expend less energy paddling. In the video above I demonstrate the positioning, angle, momentum and strokes that are needed to perform an effective jet ferry.

  1. Positioning. I position my boat to catch the wave and I like to think of putting my butt in the trough. Notice in the second jet ferry in the video I paddle up to the wave from downstream. This allows me to control my positioning without going too high.
  2. Starting with and maintaining an effective ferry angle is key to performing a good jet ferry. Take your time and set your angle at that nice 45 degrees.
  3. Stern draws on your downstream side are key in maintaining your angle. Filter out all of the distractions around you and focus on your angle and performing powerful stern draws in the wave as you go across. Remember that stern draws start at the hip and go back to the stern and are powered by your core.
  4. A good jet ferry feels smooth and effortless. That’s how you know you’ve got it.

Happy practicing!

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