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Are you looking to equip your staff with the tools they need to become confident and collaborative leaders?

Hire Anna to facilitate a keynote workshop on how to develop effective leadership through self awareness.

Anna’s interactive workshop gives your staff real-life, applicable strategies to be effective and joyful leaders through self-awareness, courage and mindfulness.

Improve the health of your organization by improving the health and self-leadership of your staff.

Give your team the tools they need to communicate effectively and compassionately. Better boundaries equal better customer service

Stop getting stuck in the shallows

When people drift through life at the effect of circumstances, the result is frustration and a negative attitude.  Train your staff to navigate the challenges of work and life with empowering and joyful results.

“We are grateful to work with Anna year after year. Her holistic approach and her lived experience in the outdoor industry help to provide valuable tools for our guides, on and off the river.”

Dylan Coward, NOC Master Guide Program

Group 47

Avoid communication breakdowns that hurt your bottom line.

Anna’s workshop teaches you how to cultivate clear, and empowering communication and listening within your company and between staff and customers.

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Improve your customer experience.

Happy customers return and share their experience with friends and family. Anna trains your staff to be solution-oriented and discover the joy of providing exceptional customer service.

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Create a culture that thrives on commitment and joy.

When people understand that their actions have outcomes, they learn how to choose with integrity. Anna shows your team how to take responsibility for the impact of their choices and actions on others, and on the trajectory of their lives.

Anna’s interactive workshop teaches your staff real-life, relatable strategies to become effective and joyful leaders through self-awareness, courage and mindfulness.

Together, we’ll cultivate an awareness of the internal and external contexts that affect their leadership and communication, giving them the agency to thrive, and empower the people around them.


Choose from a half-day workshop, a full day workshop or a keynote.

30 years of experience empowering people in paddle sports

Anna has helped people develop leadership through self-awareness at leading university outdoor programs including Bowdoin College and the University of Tennessee. She has also led industry conferences at high profile events including America Outdoors Conference, and for premiere outdoor industry companies including the Nantahala Outdoor Center Master Guide Training.

“Anna’s leadership workshop at the America Outdoors Conference was truly eye opening. I use the practices I learned to set an example for my female staff to be mindful and confident.”

Raven Brown, General Manager, AVA Rafting and Ziplines

Stop drifting aimlessly, start navigating confidently

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