Start your reset now


Do you need a reset, but you’re not sure where to start?

Last week I got to do two of my favorite resets and you may be interested in them too.

The first was a week-long technology reset on a backcountry Main Salmon River trip. I collaborate with Canyons River Company on this trip every two years. This year’s trip sold out so fast we didn’t have to do much marketing for it which is why you haven’t heard much about it this year.

Technology reset

There’s no cell service or internet for six days, and it’s wonderful! My nervous system and my mind have an opportunity to be in the present moment, and be with the people and the river right NOW. It felt refreshed and rejuvenated from a week-long social media and technology break and reset. Clearer mind, calmer nervous system, and more present moment awareness.

Sleeping under the stars, hot springs, morning yoga, fun water levels, great weather and an awesome group of ladies were all part of this trip.

Canyons runs exceptional trips and the guides cook up delicious, freshly made food – and lots of it!

Gut reset

This brings me to another favorite reset of mine – gut reset.

The food was so delicious on the trip that I enjoyed a lot of it, and by the end of the week my digestion was feeling sluggish, and my belly bloated. When I got home I decided to do a one day fast followed by a day of mono-diet cleanse. I ate curried quinoa with spices, veggies, cilantro and lime for all 3 meals. I ate small portions and my dinner early.

Both fasting and mono-diet cleanses are strategies that I learned in my year of study as an Ayurvedic health coach. A digestive reset is not only good for your gut, but also for your mind. After a cleanse my body and mind feel lighter, I have more energy, and an overall sense of wellbeing.

It was the perfect reset to get my energy and routines back on track.

I’m grateful for both resets and these are great places to start if you need a reset. Take a break from technology and/or take on a gut reset. When you commit to a reset you give yourself the space and time to cultivate courage and confidence.

If you want to get your energy and routines back on track, and give yourself a confidence boost in mind and body, I encourage you to register for my upcoming Guided Fall Cleanse in October. I look forward to it every fall. Here’s the link to info and registration. It’s the perfect place to start your reset!

I’ll let you know when my next Main or Middle Fork Salmon trip will happen in 2025 so you can also get on that river trip reset plan!