Stop Feeling Lonely, Find Your People


Are you feeling lonely, without like-minded people who love to adventure surrounding you?

Going out and adventuring on your own can be fun and inspiring, but connecting with other like-minded people who share a similar passion is uplifting for your mental and physical health. There’s something wonderful about the joy of a shared experience.

As one of my coaching clients recently expressed via group email in my Winter Wellness Circle: 

“I’ve recently come to realize that I have been profoundly lonely for a number of years. 

I’ve tried to address that in a number of ways to no avail and only more recently have I realized that the loneliness is not a result of me not having access to other people, but not having access to other people who are like minded and supportive. 

Now that I can more clearly see what’s going on, I am excited to be able to more directly address it and make conscious decisions to help build that part of my life. 

I say all of this to express that I am thankful for your (this group)  willingness to vulnerably share – interactions like these help me see that there are like minded people out there and that gives me an optimism for my ability to find and connect with others who are on a similar path in working for self-improvement and well-rounded mind/body health.”

So, how do you go about finding like-minded people who, as Kyla said, give you optimism and community? 

Here are 4 Tips for Finding Your Adventure People

Attend an Event/Join a Group on FB

Pre-Covid (and hopefully post-Covid) I would recommend finding, and registering for fun community events that focus on having fun, meeting folks and even fundraising for a good cause. 

One example is Womens Paddlefest where we have fun paddling outings, social time, yoga, dinner and a raffle to raise money for the Shannon Christy Memorial Fund.

This is a paddling example, but every adventure sport has community events that bring folks together.

Right now many of these events aren’t happening due to Covid, so a good alternative are Facebook groups. 

I’m a member of groups for women in mtn biking, kayaking, skiing, and I even have my own private FB group where women meet up to share and discuss courage, confidence and wellness. You can check it out here.

These groups can be good places to connect with other like-minded women, ask questions, give insights and get tips. 


Register for a Group Coaching Program

As expressed by the participant in my Winter Wellness Circle, learning, growing and sharing together with like-minded women from all over the world can be very empowering.

Group coaching programs in health, business or your favorite adventure sport, not only boost your skills in that area, but also provide a community to learn and share with. 

Pre-pandemic I wouldn’t have thought that an online Whitewater Master Class group program would have been effective, but I proved myself wrong this year! 

During the program participants had fun, celebrated wins, boosted skills and supported each other during ‘fails.’ 

Group coaching programs offer a curated and safe space for connection, learning and sharing. 

I’ve found that the women who participate in my guided group cleanses, seasonal group coaching and paddle group coaching form lasting relationships that go beyond the duration of the program.


Go on an Adventure Retreat

A week or weekend in the outdoors with a group of like-minded women? Yes, please!

If you feel like the only person in your immediate circle who loves adventure, then register for a retreat, trip or class (with Covid precautions). Folks who are registered for that adventure want to be there so you know you have at least one thing in common.

When women ask about joining my paddleboard camp in Barbados, my whitewater kayak trip in Costa Rica or my wilderness river retreat in Idaho, they often ask if it’s OK if they come alone. 

There seems to be this myth that in order to go on a trip or retreat you must go with a friend you already know because that’s how most women travel. This is completely untrue. In my experience, most women who come on my adventure trips and retreats come solo. 

I can report that several women who have met through my Mind Body Paddle trips and retreats have continued to paddle together for 10+ years, and all over the world! These friendships are long lasting. 

When Covid allows, and/or you’re ready to travel, consider booking an adventure retreat or trip and don’t be afraid of going solo. 


Reach Out

If you’ve tried the above suggestions, and still feel lonely and without connections, then a good question to ask yourself is: ‘Am I waiting around for folks to contact me, or am I putting myself out there and reaching out?”

Sometimes we make up stories in our heads about what other people think of us, or why people aren’t calling.

Instead of waiting around, wondering and making up negative stories in your head, pick up your phone and text, message, call or email.

Be courageous in the face of vulnerability and reach out to other adventurers. Worst case, no one will get back to you (highly unlikely), and best case, you’ll find your adventure buddies!

BONUS: If you’ve got skills and experience in your sport, and you want to push yourself even more, take an instructor certification course. Learn to teach and lead your own groups and then you can create and facilitate your very own community! I’m offering instructor certification courses in SUP and SUP yoga coming up in March.

If you’re interested in trying one of these suggestions, and you have more questions for me, email me and let’s chat! I’m happy to help you find your adventure people!