The Bow Draw: Not a turning stroke


Do you think that the bow draw is a turning stroke? Think again.

In my experience as an instructor and Instructor Trainer, the bow draw is the most misunderstood and misused stroke in whitewater kayaking.

It’s so misused that I take it away from participants during Creek Week. I tell them that they’re not allowed to use it the first few days until we have the opportunity to practice it effectively. Same thing in my instructor certification courses.

Ineffective bow draws can lead to shoulder injuries, bad lines and poor form.

If you’ve been doing the bow draw for years, this lesson is perfect for you. I invite you to take on a beginner’s mindset and watch the video below.

This video was originally filmed for my Whitewater Master Class online coaching program. When I posted a snippet on social media I was surprised by how many people watched it, loved it and commented.

I figured those of you who follow my blog would want to see it too. Y’all get the full video below.

After you watch it, tell me what you learned and you can refine for your bow draw.

PS – If you’re a SUP paddler the same concepts apply to the nose draw!