The river isn’t out to get you


Do you get nervous peeling out of an eddy because you’re afraid of what the current will do to you?

Stop wasting your energy worrying about the wrong thing.

The river isn’t out to get you. The current doesn’t reach up and grab you, even though I swear it feels that way sometimes!

The current is how it is, and flows how it flows. It’s not the current you need to worry about, it’s you! Your positioning, angle and action relative to the current is what determines whether you have a smooth line or get beatdown.

On the river you can’t control the current, you can only control how you respond to the river. In life, you can’t control other people or situations, you can only control how you respond to people and situations.

When all of your focus is taken up worrying about something or someone you can’t control, you give your power away, and miss the opportunity to take action that can actually get to where you want to go. If you give yourself the mental space to focus on what you can control you also give your confidence space to grow.

You don’t have to have all the answers, or have perfect technique (there is no perfection), and it will take some practice and some flipping upside down at first.

Stop paddling so hard out of the eddy as if you’re going to battle with the current, and instead take the time to set your angle, paddle efficiently working with the current, and you will experience more control and confidence.

How do I know? I’ve coached hundreds of people on and off the water and witnessed the results.

So stop being afraid of, and picking a fight with the current and with life. Neither is out to get you, even though it may seem that way sometimes. Take time to consider your position and how you want to leave the eddy. Set your angle, take thoughtful action and look where you want to go.

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