Top Industry Peeps show off their Yoga poses


When you work in the paddlesports industry spring represents not only good run off in rivers and lakes for awesome paddling, but also the season of paddlesports shows.  This is the time when retailers have their spring sales and get paddlers excited about new product and about the upcoming season.  Top paddling instructors give talks and seminars providing tips on kayaking technique and slide shows from their adventures.  This year Girls at Play attended both Canoecopia hosted by Rutabaga up in WI and Paddlesport hosted by Jersey Paddler in NJ. Anna’s talks included Recreational Kayaking for Women and Stretching for Paddling Longevity.  She also taught popular Yoga for Kayaking Classes.  Over 300 people attended her talks and over 100 people worked on their flexibility, balance and strength in her yoga classes!  We are stoked that so many paddlers are into paying more attention to their bodies through yoga.  The Yoga for Kayaking with Anna Levesque and Joe Taft DVD flew off the shelves!

Since we spend many hours indoors during these shows we find fun ways to entertain ourselves. And, since the yoga for kayaking is popular,  Anna decided to take photos of some top industry folks doing their favorite yoga pose at Jersey Paddler.  We’ve got Brian Goode from Werner meditating, Danny Mongo from Werner doing side plank, Brian and Danny doing an interesting partner yoga pose, Ben Lawry from Werner doing ‘Dead Tree,’ Dave Fusilli from Pyranha doing the “Double Brown Claw Tree,” Lila Thomas from AT doing Tree, Tom Sherburne form Shred Ready doing supta padangusthasana and Jake Greenbaum from Dagger doing Warrior.  I hope you laugh as much as we did!!