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“Girls at Play’s pool roll sessions are something I look forward to every winter! Not only are they great for beginners to get the feel of a new boat in a safe environment, Anna and her team offer private roll lessons at each session that you can reserve ahead of time. Through them, I’ve met at least a half-dozen wonderful people all over Western North Carolina that I now paddle with on a regular basis – people I would never have met otherwise.  Last winter did a great job of setting me up to start paddling this spring, and I can’t wait to keep practicing my roll and meeting new boaters when the sessions start up again.” — Cynthia Laluna, Asheville, NC

The roll is often seen as a daunting skill which can perplex novice boaters and frustrate more experienced paddlers.  But it doesn’t have to be!   Starting in December, Girls at Play will be offering weekly rolling session to help you learn or master this critical skill.


Here are the dates for the winter 2014/15 session:

November 9th and 16th. December 7th and 14th. February 15th.

Time:  5 – 7 p.m. at the Zeugner Center pool in Arden, NC!  Everyone is welcome, not just women!

Cost:  $15 entry or buy a pass to all 6 for $75 and get one free!

Girls at Play’s knowledgeable and experienced staff will be present to guarantee that you receive the help you’re looking for.  We truly enjoy teaching rolling, because the skill lends itself to so many valuable “ah-ha” learning moments.  In my personal experience, I’ve found that teaching the roll has been one of the most gratifying skills to instruct, making the process of learning fun for all!

If you’re looking for a more personalized one on one session with an instructor, we will also be available for 30 minute and 1 hour private sessions.  These individualized instruction times cost an additional $30 for a half hour and $60 for an hour, but are well worth it whether you’re just beginning to learn the process of rolling, or are becoming puzzled and frustrated by a lack of consistency in your roll.

These sessions are not just for beginners or folks experiencing difficulty however!  There are many different types of rolls, and the pool is the ideal location to learn all of them!  Maybe you always execute PC130027one specific type of roll, but would like to expand your repertoire or rolling skills!  Come and practice a C-C roll, an off-side roll, a back deck roll, a hand roll, or a skulling roll!  Once you have a tool box full of rolling techniques, you may find yourself feeling grateful in whitewater situations where a variety of techniques become needed.  I certainly have!

Maybe you’d rather not focus on your roll, but would like to keep your strokes and other paddling skills in top shape during the colder months!  The pool is perfect for practicing any kayaking stroke as well as skulling, bracing, and edging!  I personally attended a pool session every week for three years, and it tremendously improved my kayaking!

Perhaps you feel confident about your rolling abilities but would like to work on some flatwater playboating skills, this is the perfect opportunity you as well!  The pool is a forgiving and comfortable environment to practice squirting, the double pump, the bow stall, and countless other skills which transfer directly to playing in the river.

No matter what skill you’re working on, pool sessions are a great way to improve your paddling, sharpen your skills, and stay in touch with the skills you already have during the colder months.  Girls at Play creates a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment, where fun and learning come hand in hand.

IMG_0594Come on out and join us!  Here are the details once more!

Where: Zeugner Center Pool in Arden, NC

Dates: November 9 and 16, December 7and 14, February 15.

Time: 5 – 7 pm

Cost: $15 entry fee that you pay at the door or ahead of time.  Buy a pass to all 6 sessions for $75 and get one free! We’re also offering 30 minute blocks of private instruction in the pool for an additional $30 and 1 hour for $60.  You can buy a 6 session pass of half hour lessons with entry for $225 and get one lesson + entry free! Buy 6 session pass of hour lessons with entry for $375 and get one free lesson + entry!

Who: EVERYONE!  Women, men, children, friends, family, beginners, experts…anyone!

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