Why I Kling to the Kling-On


By Klingy (the frog on the Kling-On sprayskirt),  co-authored by Em Shanblatt

Life on the Kling-On is sweet.  Immersion Research got it right with this one!  I don’t plant myself on just any spray skirt.  I’m particular and selective as to where I live

that's me!

I love living on the Kling-On because it’s so sticky, just like me, so I’m guaranteed a fun ride.  I’m never worried about my home surface imploding, or getting ripped off by the crazy amounts of water Emily, my host kayaker, takes me through.

The neoprene I live on is super tough and rugged.  It’s the most durable home I’ve ever had!   It fights off little nicks and scratches through it’s tough abrasion resistant neoprene and reinforced edges and rim.

neoprene wonderland

The Kling-On is great for intermediate to advanced kayakers, so Emily feels confident taking me down CRAZY big drops and rapids!  Maximum fun!  She says it gives her confidence pushing herself in big water because she’s never worried about it coming off or imploding!

It’s also a great skirt for river runner, AND playboating, so whether Emily’s going to the Green River Narrows, or surfing on the French Broad, I always get to come along for the ride!

The heavy gauge bungee contracts really tight on the rim of the kayak, and the taco style bungee sewing keeps Emily nice and dry inside her boat!  When she’s happy, I’m happy!

It’s also got a super bright grab loop, so if either of us get disoriented or confused, we can always see the safety loop in case we need to get out of our kayak.

All in all, I love living on the Kling-On!  While she says having me around is just a perk to wearing the most bomber skirt around, deep down I know she loves me.