How to relieve seasonal stress with yoga


Is the variability and uncertainty in the world increasing your anxiety?

You’re not alone.

There is already natural variability (think windy and variable weather) of late fall/early winter (Vata Season). Then there is the busyness of the Holiday Season. And, the news of so much human suffering without any end in sight.  All of this (and more – because we’re all dealing with something) can lead to overwhelm, and a downward spiral of stressful emotions. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to create space for being kind and generous to yourself. 

Setting aside time to breathe and move with mindful intention can be a simple yet powerful way to come back to yourself so that you have the capacity to carry on with the things that are important to you.

Gentle Yoga for Grounding

The 30 minute yoga class that I’m sharing with you in this post was originally recorded for my Guided Fall Cleanse participants to counteract the qualities of Vata (air/ether) that are very present during this season (late fall/early winter). 

This class is designed to help you pause, relax and ground to counteract the busyness, variability and stress in your life. I thought it could be a helpful resource at this time. 

It’s also great for relieving muscle imbalances due to paddling, especially in the low back, hips and shoulders.

Pair it with a warm epson salt bath, and/or a warm cup of chamomile/lavender tea.


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