Your Social Media VS Your Real Life


“Is your social media representative of your real life?”

That was the question asked by a friend last week.

I thought it was a compelling question worth answering in a blog. I figure if she had that question then others who follow my social media probably do too.

Instead of write about it I did my first video blog! It’s my first so I’m a work in progress, but tonight was the perfect time to tackle this question.

Almost everything that I post is real life because I’m out in the world taking on my commitment to create empowering experiences that help women re-ignite their spark for life! So I’ve created a business where I get to do fun stuff like SUP, WW kayak, health coaching and retreats. And that’s my ‘real life.’

And, there are also some staged photo shoots because that’s part of marketing and spreading my message. I show you a bit of behind the scenes after a photo shoot with my favorite photographer and friend, Melina Coogan. And, real life… notice that Melina doesn’t seem that interested in my vlog at times 🙂

I also share 3 tips for more powerful scrolling on social media so you don’t have to wonder if someone’s feed is real or not. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the video format!